Why Unusually Brave?

Have you ever said yes when you meant no? Struggled to say what you think? Wished you could be more honest about how you feel? Longed not to have to explain yourself?

At Unusually Brave we acknowledge these things are difficult, fun and worth getting good at. 

Just as we don't expect an engineer or a dancer to solve a complex problem or give a flawless performance without practice, we think how people communicate with themselves and each other could do with the same kind of skill and attention. 

It takes courage - and bravery - to say what we really mean. To ask ourselves what we truly feel and listen for the answer, let alone communicate that to a friend or partner. 

So our workshops are a practice space to take risks, step outside comfort zones and learn more about how we all show up in our everyday lives.

Nothing fancy. But something magic seems to happen.

This kind of experimentation and vulnerability invites us to be unusually brave.

This experience was like falling in love with everyone in the room - accelerated.
— David K. authentic relating participant